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Itt az F1 23 1.10-es frissítése

Megérkezett az F1 23-hoz az 1.10-es frissítés, ami számtalan újdonságot, javítást és módosítást tartalmaz és a használata erősen javasolt. Az updatenek köszönhetően megjelenik Daniel Ricciardo a játékban és kikerül Nyck De Vries az Alpha Tauri cockpitjéből.
A frissítés részletes tartalmát kicsit lentebb olvashatjátok angol nyelven.


– Addition of Daniel Ricciardo to Scuderia AlphaTauri and driver market*
– Removal of Nyck De Vries from Scuderia AlphaTauri and driver market*
– Improvements to the performance of McLaren to accurately represent the F1® 2023 season
– Addition of F1® Pro Challenge event type in F1® World
– Marina Bay Street Circuit (Singapore Grand Prix) has been updated to the 2023 track layout
– Based on player feedback, corner cutting has been set to ‘Strict’ in Ranked sessions
– Fixed an issue where a post process effect was causing blurring at mid to long range distances
– Fixed an issue where sponsor boards would be blacked out at Singapore
– Fixed an issue where players were unable to connect to F1® World after joining a Ranked session
– Fixed an issue where Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation would not work with HDR enabled in Photo Mode
– Fixed an issue where, in certain conditions, pixelation could be seen around the halo in cockpit view
– Fixed an issue where AI drivers can occasionally appear as DNF and achieve a unrealistic fastest lap time despite completing the race
– Fixed an issue where force feedback levels were too low on the Logitech Pro Wheel
– Fixed an issue where the F1® logo was stretched in spectator mode
– Fixed an issue where speed line artefacts could appear when looking backwards during races in ‘Very Wet’ weather conditions
– Fixed an issue where custom setups were still allowed even if the ‘Preset Only’ option was selected in Multiplayer
– Fixed an issue where lap or sector times could be inconsistent between different screens and UDP data
– Fixed an issue where RPM lights would only light up red instead of multicoloured on Fanatec DD2 wheels
– Fixed an issue where cars could collide in certain conditions during broadcast formation lap
– Fixed an issue where all drivers of the F1® World Car would have a black race suit if Equal Performance is enabled in Grand Prix
– General Stability Improvements
– Various Minor Fixes

Issues being investigated after v1.10 release:

– Incorrect effect on Ferrari halo
– Safety car delta jumping when entering the pits at Monaco
– Tyre wear at 100% on race start after an F2™ Sprint race
– Graphical corruption when looking backwards in the pitlane at Silverstone
– Unexpected bump at Spain pit entry
– Track limits throughout Las Vegas
– Multiple track limit warnings at Australia, Turn 4
– Goals being locked in F1® World
– Loss of Force Feedback on Thrustmaster T300 (PC) (Click here for more information)
– Issues with Force Feedback on Logitech wheels (Click here for more information)
– Low framerate when driving through smoke
– Logitech TrueForce is unavailable on Xbox
– Other various Force Feedback issues across multiple platforms