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Itt az Automobilista 2 frissítése

A Reiza Studios folyamatosan adja ki az újdonságokat és a frissítéseket az Automobilista 2-höz. Az elmúlt időszakban váltott a program az 1.5.5-ös verzióra és már itt is van az frissítés, ami számtalan apróbb módosítással várja a játékosokat.
A frissítés részletes tartalmát kicsit lentebb olvashatjátok angol nyelven.



  • Fixed Automatic Clutch input bind label being inconsistently named in different states


  • Minor slick tread adjustments for LMDh, F-HiTech Gen2, F-V12, GT1, GTE, GT3 (both gens) GT4, G55 Cup, GT5, G40 Cup, StockV8 (all seasons), Super v8, LMDh, Cadillac DPi, P1 (both gens), Group C, F-Reiza, F-Ultimate Gen2, F-USA Gen1-3 & 2023 (speedway compound)
  • Minor wet tire tread adjustments for F-Classics, F-HiTechs, F-V12, F-V10s, F-Reiza, F-Ultimates, F-USAs, F-3, F-Inter, F-Trainers, LMDh, DPi, P1, P2, P3, P4, GTE, GT3, GT4 classes
  • Adjusted baseline pressure for GT3 Gen2 and LMDh to account for the removal of tire warming blankets (setup reset recommended)
  • LMDh: Slightly increased brake torque
  • Added medium compound option for F-HiTech Gen2
  • McLaren 720s Evo: Increased the max bumpstop/packer range to 4cm from 1cm


  • Adjusted distance AI cars look ahead for slower lapped traffic & added new parameter for faster cars to see even further ahead
  • Slightly increased avoid ratios for AI in lower aggression ranges
  • AI line redos for Cascais, Fontana Speedway, Montreal Historic 1991, Le mans Bugatti, Kansai East & West
  • Further adjustments to AI rates for lateral movements & distance thresholds for passing routines to kick in
  • Increased fuel threshold for AI to decide to pit for fuel on a long track for Endurance cars (LMDh, Cadillac DPi, P1 (both gens), GTE, GT3 (both gens)
  • Bumped up AI skill spread on ovals to the same level of main road course variants to minimise excessive pack racing on ovals
  • Adjusted AI tire wear degradation for all F-USA classes
  • AI calibration pass for GTE & LMdh, DPi, P1s
  • AI wet performance calibration pass for F-Classic Gen4, F-Hitech Gen1&2, F-V12, F-V10 Gen1&2, F-Reiza, F-Ultimate Gen1&2


  • LeMans: Additional 3D marshals; Fixed visible gaps in the track near Porsche curve; Adjusted armco lod switching near Mulsanne: Added more of the remaining trackside objects; Adjusted an abnormal bump in the runoff near the Arnage exit curb; Fixed issue where tirewall objects might not be rendered in some external cameras; Adjusted track cameras in Bugatti layout to remove obscured views
  • Added LED flag panels to Kansai, Interlagos, Hockenheim & Monza
  • Fixed safety car parking location for Kansai & Hockenheim
  • Nurburgring 1971: Fixed the misalignment and added collision to the Continental Podium barriers in the paddock
  • Jerez 1988: Fixed body parts lod behavior on some 3D animated actors


  • Fixed car exterior rain effects oscillating between dry and wet
  • Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo: fixed inverted cockpit banner
  • GTE: Added luminescent number panels BMW M8 GTE: updated display, improved cockpit lights, windshield banner added
  • BMW M8 GTE: Updated display & improved cockpit lights; Added windshield banner
  • F-HiTech G2M2: Fixed cockpit windscreen and mirrors double mesh issues