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Itt az Automobilista 2 javítás

Megérkezett a legújabb frissítés a Reiza Studios Automobilista 2 játékához. A fejlesztők tájékoztatása szerint különösen sok energiát fektette az AI-ban, ami elvileg még jobb lett és az elengedések és előzések is simábban zajlanak le a gépi ellenfelek ellen.
A frissítés részletes tartalmát kicsit lentebb olvashatjátok angol nyelven.

V1.5.5.2->V1.5.5.4 CHANGELOG


  • Added flag panel support for local yellow flags (local & full course lights now supported by all Grade 1 tracks)
  • MP logs will now rotate and maintain a history of 5 files
  • Fixed a rare CTD case that occurs when returning to the garage
  • Fixed bug leading to designated driver helmet livery and outfit not working for low downforce & oval variants of player vehicle
  • Shared Memory: Fixed mLaunchStage incorrectly declared as unsigned


  • Adjusted HUD engine wear colour change thresholds to better match damage model
  • Added Performance screen option to enable/disable full screen pause on focus loss. (-doNotPauseOnFocusLoss switch remains available)
  • IFixed ICM Cycle Button not being able to be double bound like other ICM controls
  • Fixed ICM auto-close timeout not accounting for ICM Cycle inputs


  • Minor tire tread adjustments for GT5, G40 Cup, F-USA (All gens). Mini JCW, F-3, F-Trainer Advanced F-Retro Gen2, F-Classic Gen3 soft compound
  • Adjusted tire wear rate for GT3 (both gens), GT Open
  • Adjustes tire wear rate for all wet compounds (correcting excessive wear issue suffered by most)
  • Adjusted FFB for F-Reiza, F-Ultimate (both gens)
  • F-USA 2023: Added AMDM model.


  • Extended corridors which define the limit places AI cars can go by 1/3 of its car width to reduce chances of AI drivers stepping into grass or high curbs to a minimal
  • Fixed car control not returning to player from AI teammate when returning to garage
  • Adjusted speed differential thresholds to trigger overtaking & defensive moves
  • Further adjustments to distances from car ahead in which AI overtaking routines kick in
  • Further adjustments to how far ahead AI will factor lapped cars by
  • Adjusted AI brake usage for LMDh, F3 (both models), F-Trainer (both models) GT3 (both gens), GT Open
  • Daytona RC: Reduced speed boost at the bus stop chicanes causing AI to often overshoot the corner in racing conditions
  • F-USA Gen3: Adjusted Ai drivers performance levels (inc. AMDM failure ratios) & increased performance levels to 3
  • Adjusted Mclaren MP4/6 AI start performance
  • Disabled AI start wheelspin mistakes for cars with traction controlAI calibration pass for GT5 & G40 Cup, F-3, F-Trainer Advanced, GT5


  • Fixed lack of external sounds for viewed vehicle when it is very far from camera
  • Formula USA Gen1-3: updated external sounds


  • Added interactive flag panels / lights to Azure, Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park, Fontana Gateway Imola, Indianapolis, Laguna Seca, Long Beach, Nurburgring, Oulton Park, Road America, Silverstone, Spielberg, VIR, Watkins Glen
  • Added local yellow support for interactive flag panels
  • On oval tracks flag panels will now remain static green for the whole race unless there is a full course yellow
  • Added dedicated Safety Car pitbox to Laguna Seca, Road America, Spielberg
  • Cadwell Park: Fixed 3d marshals LOD range
  • Laguna Seca: Fixed LOD range for 3d marshals


  • Added leader lights to BMW M8 GTE
  • Nissan R390 GT1: Corrected high and low downforce 3D models being swapped around
  • Mini Cooper 1965: Added fully bespoke Copa Classic version conforminig to appropriate rules & using adequately modern driver outfits
  • F-V10 Gen 1: Adjusted front suspension animations to correct front wheels appearing to lift slightly at higher loads from external cameras
  • Corvette C8R GTE: Added cockpit windscreen banners
  • Mclaren 720S GT3 EVO: Fixed cockpit bonnet mesh; Adjusted internal cockpit net vibrations; Added new cockpit lights
  • Reynard 2Ki (SS/SW): Corrected angle of front winglets
  • F-USA Gen3: Added Gil de Ferran (Jules de Fierro) tribute livery